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Recovery Voices

Early in April 2023, I had a conversation with my friend and colleague Prof Wulf Livingston that was recorded for a series called Recovery Voices.

Wulf is Professor of Alcohol Studies at Glyndŵr University, and Chair of the Welsh Centre for Alcohol and other Drugs, on which I also serve.

Recovery Voices is a project curated by Prof David Clark and created in collaboration with Wulf.

It's aims are to:

(1) celebrate the lives and achievements of people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction;

(2) create a powerful voice of recovering people and their allies;

(3) help develop a greater understanding of addiction and recovery;

(4) enhance our understanding of factors that can lead to addictive behaviours;

(5) challenge the stigma that is attached to people who experience substance use problems and those who are trying to overcome such problems; and

(6) facilitate the development of peer-led recovery communities.

It currently includes interviews with Huseyin Djemil of Towards Recovery. Dr David McCartney; a former GP, now Clinical Lead of Lothians and Edinburgh Abstinence Programme (LEAP), who, among other things, writes (to my mind, brilliantly) for Recovery Review, and James Deakin; the founder of North Wales Recovery Communities. All of the interviewees talk about our recoveries and our professional interests, and, often, the relationship between the two.

The interviews are broken up into short clips. You can see the clips from all the conversations on the Recovery Voices Youtube Channel, and you can watch the conversation between Wulf and me below -- or here:



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