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The Alcohol 'Problem' Podcast

Back in 2020, I was invited onto Dr James Morris's brilliant The Alcohol Problem Podcast. You can listen to my episode here.

Programme notes: In this episode we talk to Dr Wendy Dossett, an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Chester, about spirituality in recovery. This is discussed in terms of its interpretations through Alcoholics Anonymous as well spirituality in Buddhist-orientated recovery movements.

Issues include how people make sense of their 'higher power' and how this may function in recovery, as well as other issues such as stigma, the 'disease model' and the pros and cons of self-labelling as 'an alcoholic' in different contexts.

Wendy draws on her experience over the last eight years of researching the ways members of Twelve Step Fellowships talk about spirituality. Her project is called the Higher Power Project which you can find more about here.


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