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What's in a title?

I have some lovely news.

Although I've had to retire for health reasons, I'm glad to be able to say that I still have a relationship with the University of Chester and its wonderful Department of Theology & Religious Studies. The University has very kindly decided to award me with the promotion that I would have applied for this year, and I can now use the title 'Professor'.

Because I'm retired, the title is qualified by an adjective that effectively means retired. However, I've asked if I can break with tradition, and call myself 'Emeritus', rather than 'Emerita', even though I identify as female she/her. I wrote a little essay about my thinking on this which I'll be able to share in full next week. However, a highly-edited version of my argument appears in today's Times Higher Education. There are some very powerful counter-arguments to my position, and I'm by no means confident, (aside from a gut feeling that this is right for me personally), that there is a 'right' call here. But whatever's right for me, I want to say unequivocally that sexism is a blight and language is a real problem. The article is here

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